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  1. Welcome to 99Reflections!
  2. Introducing myself
  3. Hello, I'm ablamj!
  4. Hello 99R's. I'm NVBirdlady
  5. Hi - I'm Caretha
  6. You all know me
  7. "Blow in my ear and I'll follow you anywhere."
  8. Hi All, CNW here
  9. malokvale77 reporting in
  10. Nice layout!
  11. I may not be around for a bit
  12. Tarot readings on people in the news.
  13. Attractive website -- and soothing --
  14. Tarot Draw General Mc Master 5/16/17
  15. Some of the natives are restless again.
  16. I've searched and searched
  17. I'm such a sucker for Britain's Got Talent
  18. Hello everyone.
  19. Hi, there.
  20. Game of Thrones Official Season 7 just released!
  21. Tarot reading of people n the news- John Podesta
  22. Tarot reading of people in the news- Chelsea Clinton
  23. Tarot reading of people in the news- Kim Dot Com
  24. Tarot reading of people in the news- Kim DotCom
  25. I didn't like my name and so I changed it.
  26. 99 Forward Now is ready for more members!
  27. A smile for your morning!
  28. What a glorious day
  29. Tarot reading of people in the news- Trump/Merkle (relationship)
  30. Hi all, senz checking in. This site is beautiful!
  31. Hi all!
  32. Well, I'm sure the squirrels will be somewhat confused...
  33. For Vanessa
  34. Tarot reading of people in the news- Reality Winner NSA leaker.
  35. French Schoolchildren can solve this, can you? Warning, it's not easy
  36. For all us here and at 99FN...
  37. Tarot reading of people n the news- Christopher Wray (possible FBI pick)
  38. I'm not ignoring you.
  39. Tarot reading of people n the news- Trumps reaction to Comey testimony of 6/12
  40. A question about the "99" sites of late...
  41. Tarot reading of people in the news- Jeff Sessions
  42. Tarot reading of people in the news- Theresa May
  43. Just had a really strong earthquake
  44. Remember those Nigerian emails?
  45. The wind is blowing
  46. Tarot reading of people in the news- Mueller
  47. Dog Days Are Over
  48. Thank You =:)
  49. Advanced Secret Space Societies that Broke away from earth
  50. Older Ladies - this one is for us...
  51. Aw jeez, just had another one! 6.8
  52. Haha
  53. Hi from whispers
  54. Weirdly interesting compendium of facts:
  55. Freezer or backyard? Husky PUPPY claims the coolest hangout spot in the house
  56. Belatedly, Happy Fourth of July!
  57. Wayfaring Stranger
  58. Kids try and take a quiz - the musical version
  59. This Facebook Discussion will not allow comments -
  60. The Weight - Ode to Dennis Hopper
  61. Got an email from my Rep. "Do you support a Wall?"
  62. Lesson learned the hard way- DO NOT EVER PUT METAMUCIL DOWN THE KITCHEN DRAIN
  63. Dedicated to all us 99ers
  64. Skiffle anyone?
  65. So I played some of the best music on the planet...
  66. For Vanessa
  67. For you Malokvale, IMHO, the greatest guitar solo ever....Watermelon in Easter Hay
  68. Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show
  69. Tarot readig of people in the news: Jeff Sessions
  70. I have not disappeared!!
  71. Tarot reading of people in the news: Debbie Wassermnn Schultz
  72. This is really stupid but it had me laughing uncontrollably
  73. Head of Demeter from classical period, 350 BC, Izmir Archaelogy Museum, Aegean Region, Anatolia
  74. Life will smack you in the face.
  75. I bid you all goodnight with the truth of the monster.
  76. Goodnight and Sweet Dreams 99ers
  77. Selling is Service and Service is Selling
  78. Our youthful naivete
  79. I just got banned from a fauxgressive site for rejecting the MSM narrative re Charlottesville.
  80. If it ain't one thing....
  81. John Mayer - In The Blood
  82. Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain
  83. Wheel of Impressions
  84. Funny and Sad Scenario from TV show Monk
  85. The Present. Green Grass.
  86. Flooding Down In Texas
  87. The Sky Is Crying
  88. Third Part Of Tonights Texas Trilogy
  89. A scary house in Belarus --
  90. Rikki Don't Lose That Number
  91. Tarot reading of people in the news:Imran Awan
  92. Tarot reading of people in the news: weather manipulation
  93. As if all the hurricanes, floods and fires weren't enough - 8.0 just now. Guatemala-Mexico border
  94. It's been a rough decade or 2 or 3...
  95. How I lost 44 pounds in a few months....
  96. Something
  97. Tarot reading of people in the news: James Mattis Secretary of Defense
  98. tarot reading of people in the news: Paul Manafort
  99. Kim's a Rocket Man (Parody Song) The Truth Factory The Truth Factory
  100. Kim's a Rocket Man (Parody Song) The Truth Factory
  101. Donít Come Around Here No More
  102. Last Night
  103. Who knew that genuflection was a sign of disrespect?
  104. For the corrupt Democratic Party...
  105. It was one year ago tonight
  106. Shocking Insider Look: LVPD Video of FBI Mandalay Bay Shooting Investigation
  107. All The Best
  108. Do you know what time it is? Alternative time change (Proposed by me)
  109. 11/07 I turned 64!
  110. Thank goodness my brother is the leaf raker. LOL
  111. I think we are all just "Too Rolling Stoned"
  112. Or maybe we're just "In This Place"...
  113. Send the Sun
  114. 10 year old wrote this incredible poem
  115. Soothing sounds and sights of a starlings' "murmuration"
  116. Kashmir
  117. For Vanessa and all us 1
  118. For Vanessa and all us 2
  119. For Vanessa and all us 3
  120. Christmas Confessions
  121. For Sadie
  122. Dublicate
  123. For Vanessa
  124. Merry Christmas everyone!
  125. 2018 creeping up so soon!! Happy New Year!
  126. Remember When
  127. Sometimes We Cry
  128. For Sadie
  129. Happy Cat Story
  130. Minute By Minute...
  131. How Long Has This Been Going On
  132. A happy note for all of us!
  133. Don't care what yr politics are - Greg is funny!!
  134. The sounds of the forest:
  135. Pony Makes a Comeback
  136. If you like to lend your neighbor your vacuum, don't ever
  137. Anxiety
  138. You Are My Home
  139. A peek into Trump's Astrological Chart
  140. Commentators anxiously weigh in on Trump's speech:
  141. A Syrian's Perspective of the #Resistance
  142. Jake and Elwood are hating on Illinois Nazis
  143. A joke to help get us through the week:
  144. MicroNutrients Importance During Pregnancy -- Pt One
  145. I'm Pretty Sure This Didn't Happen
  146. Dedication to David Hogg
  147. For all us...
  148. Sorry i haven't been around much lately...
  149. Is this you Vanessa?
  150. Orchestral version of "The Good The Bad and The Ugly" That Rocks
  151. This one is for NVBirdlady!
  152. Was anybody more used and abused then Elvis Presley?
  153. My tribute to one of the greatest voices ever
  154. Welcome to my world, Sonja Jane
  155. Merry Christmas nobody!