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  1. A Streetcar Named Desire
  2. Suddenly, Last Summer
  3. Requiem for a Dream
  4. Sun Sea & Satan FULL DOCUMENTARY (UK Pedophilia)
  5. The Beast of Zone 3. Gold rush fever at Guatemala City’s deadly dump
  6. Wierd Ways of the Elite
  7. Growing up with War: Children of Syria
  8. Tim's Vermeer
  9. The Power of Nightmares - Parts (1 - 3) - BBC Documentary
  10. 'Obey': Film Based on Chris Hedges' 'Death of the Liberal Class' by Temujin Doran.
  11. The West lives in debt - Putin
  12. The Irish genocide of 1845-52. The famine in Ireland was no natural disaster
  13. Ron Paul interviews Ed Snowden - just a few days ago...
  14. Best geo engineering film ever -
  15. Video explains the effect of electro magnetic exposure, including our
  16. The Great Awakening Has Begun
  17. America, the second state of the Israeli government
  18. Shock & Awe - Rob Reiner Directed Film Screening in Washington, DC June 11