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  1. Europe’s crackdown on African immigration is hitting vulnerable refugees
  2. EU looks to camps in Africa to cut immigration
  3. Man who claimed mom died in Iraq after Trump's ban lied, Imam confirms
  4. Mexican government says Trump never threatened to send troops to Mexico
  5. Turnbull denies Trump 'hang up' (Australian PM exposes MSM lie)
  6. CIA awards Saudi prince medal for anti-terror efforts
  7. McCain secretly travels to Syria to meet with troops, leaders, opposition
  8. Russian Foreign Minister Heckles Reporters
  9. French workers seize factory & threaten to blow it in protest over possible closure
  10. ‘Comey better hope there are no tapes of our conversations’ before leaking to press
  11. Thousands of ransomware cyberattacks reported worldwide
  12. Comey declines to testify before Senate committee (CHANGE 1)
  13. DNC Faces Another Class Action Lawsuit After $1 Million in Bonuses Given Out
  14. Hackers seize unreleased Disney film, demand ‘huge’ Bitcoin ransom
  15. Family's private investigator: There is evidence Seth Rich had contact with WikiLeaks
  16. Time to assassinate Syrian Pres. Assad & get to his allies in Iran – Israeli minister
  17. Israel Was Source of Intelligence Trump Shared With Russia: Sources
  18. Shadow Brokers launches monthly subscription srvc offering nuclear, banking secrets
  19. Feds arrest dozens of MS-13 gang members in 40+ raids across Los Angeles
  20. Former FBI Director Robert Mueller Named Special Counsel for Russia Probe
  21. Erdogan's guards may go unpunished after DC attack on protesters
  22. 2nd even bigger global cyber attack already underway (Adylkuzz)
  23. Trump administration triggers renegotiation of NAFTA
  24. Swedish prosecutor drops case against Julian Assange
  25. Soros increases losing bet on falling US stock markets
  26. Weiner cries, makes plea
  27. ‘Flammable ice’: Chinese breakthrough could lead to global energy revolution
  28. Theresa May wants sweeping new powers to control the internet
  29. Gowdy poised to replace Chaffetz as Oversight chief
  30. US changes tactics against ISIS, working on plan with 'enthusiastic' Russians
  31. Personal drones no longer need to be registered with FAA, US federal court rules
  32. Wiener gets 21 months - cried like a baby
  33. Westinghouse to lock out 172 union members at New Hampshire plant
  34. ‘Bigger than WannaCry’: New malware employs 7 NSA exploits, expert warns
  35. 19 dead, 50 injured after explosion at Ariana Grande concert in England
  36. Chaffetz delays Comey hearing, says ex-FBI director to talk to special counsel first
  37. Kim Dotcom: I know that Seth Rich was involved in the DNC leak (Official Statement)
  38. NATO forced to change rules after Turkey’s spat with Austria threatens to paralyze alliance
  39. FISA court finds NSA violated search restrictions, spied on Americans
  40. PELOSI PROMISES $ 15 AN HOUR Minimum Wage When Dems Are Elected
  41. Zbigniew Brzezinski, national security advisor and political scientist, dead at 89
  42. Declassified memos show FBI illegally shared spy data on Americans with private parties
  43. De Blasio Staffer and Leading Democrat arrested for child pornography
  44. Dead at 89. Zbigniew Brzezinsk has gone on to his eternal reward.
  46. The Mysterious Death of Seth Rich One America News video
  47. Support for Putin in Russia hits new high
  48. McCabe is in the running for FBI Director ???
  49. Kim Dotcom Approaches Special Counsel
  50. California governor withholds $50 million from University of California over audit report
  51. Report: WaPo Blows It AGAIN -- Kushner Did NOT Request Russia Back Channel
  52. Stop inventing fictional threats from Russia – Putin to Le Figaro
  53. Dozens killed & injured in Kabul blast close to German & Iranian embassies
  54. Huma Abedin has invited Anthony Weiner back home
  55. Supreme Court tightens rules on where companies can be sued
  56. Lawsuit Seeks To Force Police To Disclose Details Of Seth Rich Murder Case
  57. No trace of Russian hacking in Macron election campaign attack – French cyber defense chief
  58. Putin: Russia will not sit idle while US deploys global anti-missile system
  59. Secretive group of global power brokers the Bilderberg Group set to gather in Virginia to mull Trump
  60. Disgraced Former CIA Director David Petraeus Identified as National Security Threat
  61. Paris Agreement on climate change: US withdraws as Trump calls it 'unfair'
  62. Dow Sets Record Breaking High after US pulls out of Paris Agreement
  63. EU mulls economic measures for US after Trump’s withdrawal from Paris agreement
  64. London terror attack: London Bridge/ Borough Market- at least 2 dead amid van attack, stabbings and
  65. Frail man, 90, who was viciously beaten with a cane in a random Manhattan street attack says he FORG
  66. Huma Abedin's Brother's Home Raided in Dearborn, MI
  67. ‘Meddling in internal affairs’: Bahrain & Saudi Arabia cut diplomatic ties with Qatar
  68. Bolivia to Prioritize Occupation of Palestine During UN Security Council Presidency
  69. Journalists Being Targeted at Venezuelan Opposition Protests
  70. German troops ‘ready for transfer’ from Turkey’s Incirlik airbase
  71. Statement on Justice Department's Allegations
  72. Ambassador Nikki Haley Addresses the U.N. Human Rights Council (June 6 2017)
  73. Assange wants support for NSA whistleblower as WikiLeaks offers $10k reward to ‘expose’ reporter
  74. Fatalities & injuries after shootings, bombings at Iranian parliament & Khomeini mausoleum
  75. Turkey throws support behind Qatar in rift with Gulf Arabs
  76. Iran's Revolutionary Guards blame Saudis for Tehran attacks, Riyadh rejects accusation
  77. Turkish parliament approves troop deployment in Qatar
  78. Blast hits US embassy grounds in Ukrainian capital
  79. Syrian Army defies US warnings to resume operations near Iraqi border
  80. Theresa May faces calls to resign as hung parliament confirmed
  81. Trump commits US to NATO's Article Five on mutual defense
  82. Julian Assange Tweets about Comey Hearing
  83. Trump Appoints BP Oil Spill Lawyer as DOJ Environmental Attorney
  84. Syrian army reach Iraqi border, announce 'strategic turning point’ in war on ISIS
  85. Awan Brothers Scandal Creates Fears About Scope Of Data Leak
  86. Iran accuses US of alliance with ISIS, claims to have proof
  87. Top Democrat calls for investigation of Loretta Lynch’s Clinton*probe
  88. Senate Democrats Call for Sessions’s Russia Testimony to Be Public
  89. Obama took private jet, 14-car caravan to Italy to give a $2,500,000 lecture about saving planet
  90. Texas Man Gets Life for Sex Trafficking Two Underage Girls
  91. Despite evidence they'll e used against Yemen civilians, US Senate votes to continue Saudi arms sale
  92. Germany, Austria hit out at US over new anti-Russian sanctions
  93. #ISIS leader Al-Baghdadi reportedly killed in Russia-led airstrike – MoD
  94. US Navy destroyer crashes into trade ship near Japanese coast
  95. Freeway blocked as 1,000s protest acquittal of officer who shot, killed Philando Castile
  96. Iran fires missiles at militants in E. Syria suspected of Tehran attacks
  97. US-led coalition downed Syrian army plane in southern Raqqa countryside
  98. Russian military halts Syria sky incident prevention interactions with US as of June 19
  99. Otto Warmbier Dies After Release From North Korea
  100. ISIS-linked militants storm village, occupy school in south Philippines
  101. Mohammed bin Naif bin Abdulaziz deposed as Saudi Arabia's crown prince
  102. Macron Breaks With Previous French Policy, Says Sees No Legitimate Successor to Syria's Assad
  103. Moscow cancels meeting with top US diplomat over new sanctions batch
  104. German intel agency spied on White House, State Dept & US military for years – report
  105. In Yemen’s secret prisons, UAE tortures and US interrogates
  106. Qatar’s neighbors issue steep list of demands to end crisis
  107. Russian battleships & submarine fire 6 cruise missiles on ISIS targets in Syria
  108. Police considering manslaughter charges in Grenfell Tower fire investigation (VIDEO)
  109. ‘Dead end for EU’: Senior lawmaker blasts fresh round of anti-Russian sanctions
  110. UK desperate to end Julian Assange embassy stand-off
  111. Norwegians are raising money to re-erect a penis-shaped rock formation
  112. Stolen Police Helicopter Attacks Venezuela Top Court
  113. FBI Interviews Employees of Russia-Linked Cyber Security Firm Kaspersky Labs
  114. Theresa May will not last much longer as British PM, Citigroup warns clients
  115. Cardinal George Pell charged on multiple sexual assault offences
  116. Senate Committee Passes $700 Billion Military Spending Bill
  117. Trump Administration Wants EU to Support, Apply Sanctions to Venezuela
  118. Venezuelan government seizes almost 3,500 doses of "jihadist drug" (Captagon)
  119. Putin, Trump to hold first ‘full-fledged’ meeting on July 7
  120. Ukrainian software firm suspected of spreading global virus, servers seized (Petya virus)
  121. Vatican police 'break up gay orgy at home of secretary of one of Pope Francis's key advisers'
  122. US Prepared To Cooperate With Russia In Syria, Says Tillerson
  123. US Requests a Closed Door UN Security Meeting
  124. Syrian Army Launches Offensive Against US-Backed Rebels in the South
  125. First Object Teleported from Earth to Orbit (China)
  126. Former Haiti government official shoots himself in the head in Miami-area hotel
  127. US House Passes Record Military Budget, More Than Trump Request
  128. EU sanctions 16 more Syrians over chemical attacks July 17 2017 01:54 PM
  129. Star CNN correspondent Clarissa Ward worked with al-Qaeda media man Bilal Abdul Kareem - Alternet
  130. Hacking Group Cyber Berkut Reveals Ukraine Used Millions In IMF Loans To Fund Clinton Foundation
  131. More child abuse by the church, this time Johnny Rat's brother
  132. Trump ends covert CIA program to arm anti-Assad rebels in Syria, a move sought by Moscow
  133. Just seen on CNN:McCain has brain cancer
  134. Finally, the deliberate disinformation dam cracks
  135. Seen this one yet? Russians paid for Fusion GPS
  136. One of the Awan Brothers was with #SethRich the night of the murder.
  137. Trey Gowdy Votes To Appoint A Second Special Counsel To Investigate James Comey And Hillary Clinton
  138. Seymour Hersch verifies that Seth Rich is the WikiLeaks Source
  139. Hillary Clinton Hires Two Former Campaign Aides For "Resistance" PAC
  140. Exposed: Bombshell Media Coverup of Clinton-Lynch Tarmac*Meeting
  141. Charlottesville today: 1 dead, several injured
  142. Is a super-sized hurricane about to hit the SouthEast of USA?
  143. Imran and Hina Indicted
  144. Bannon out
  145. The trend of retail failures continues
  146. Chemicals at plant near Houston degrading, explosion coming soon – CEO
  147. China says it will never allow war or chaos on its doorstep as tensions escalate on Korean Peninsula
  148. Federal Security Agent Found Dead – Body Pulled from Potomac – Media Silent
  149. Republican Senator Lindsey Graham wants Comey to testify again: “I smell a rat here”
  150. Puppies Spread Illness Across Nine States
  151. "Dreamers," shout down Democrats at San Francisco press event
  152. Cal student group waffles on Free Speech Week: Milo says it's still on
  153. Nationalize everything! Labour unveils radical plan to ‘take back’ utilities & transport
  154. Hurricane Maria set Puerto Rico back
  155. 35,000 People Evacuated from Active Volcano in Indonesia
  156. UN 'Still Stinks of Sulfur' Says Venezuela Foreign Minister Arreaza
  157. Reddit may be probed over its role in alleged Russian meddling into 2016 US elections
  158. Assange Claims he can offer irrefutable proof abt Russia's non-involvement
  159. Rock legend Tom Petty has died aged 66
  160. US 'completely & unlawfully seize' Russian SF consulate as blacksmith breaks lock
  161. Therapy Dogs come to Las Vegas Hospital
  162. Santa Rosa Fire Needs Volunteers to Help Evacuate
  163. Cops arrest homeless man for violating new no-camping law
  164. China could shatter petrodollar by compelling Saudi Arabia to trade oil in yuan
  165. Las Vegas guard Jesus Campos vanished after visiting urgent care clinic union leaders says.
  166. Donald Trump to use executive powers to release full JFK files
  167. What did Corey know?
  168. Shoe Drop: Six Women Accuse Another Major Hollywood Producer Of Sexual Assault, Harassment
  169. NYPD says it is building case for arrest of Harvey Weinstein
  170. No Word of Hollywood Sex Scandal at First Oscar Celebration of Season
  171. Saudi Princess’ tell-all includes Bangladeshi children traded as sex slaves
  172. House Dems introduce articles of impeachment against Trump
  173. Navajo Code Talker Breaks Silence – DESTROYS #FakeIndian Elizabeth Warren With Epic One-Liner
  174. Sarah Huckabee Sanders Has Best Response Ever To CNN Boycotting The White House Christmas Party
  175. LA on Fire
  176. John Conyers III was arrested for domestic abuse but not prosecuted
  177. US Surgeon, Who Exposed Clinton Foundation Corruption In Haiti, Found Dead
  178. Hollywood is Melting Down Over Russiagate Implosion
  179. United States Sanctions Human Rights Abusers and Corrupt Actors Across the Globe
  180. Assange Tweets Mysterious Encryption Key At 3AM; Sparks Rumors About His Safety, New Leaks
  181. Thousands march in Ukraine to mark Nazi collaborator Bandera’s birthday
  182. The FBI knew that Hostile Foreign Actors Gained Access to Hillary's Server
  183. FBI launches new Clinton Foundation investigation
  184. Comey’s original Clinton memo released, cites possible violations
  185. Iran prosecutor blames CIA, Israel, Saudi for protests
  186. DEPARTED 3 hours ago Jerry Van Dyke, comedian and actor, dead at age 86
  187. FBI agents' text messages spur congressional probe into possible news leaks
  188. u Netanyahu son bragged about gas deal outside strip club, tape reveals
  189. Pardoned former Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio announces Senate run
  190. Republican retirements in Congress mount as Rep. Darrell Issa steps aside
  191. Julian Assange Granted An Ecuadorian Passport
  192. How SEAL Knew That Oprah Knew About Harvey Weinstein's Dirty Dog Ways
  193. Hillary is in Criminal Jeopardy, told to hire Republican Lawyer!
  194. When You Are Gone
  195. "Explosive", "Shocking" And "Alarming" FISA Memo Set To Rock DC, "End Mueller Investigation"
  196. Sara Carter: Explosive FISA Memo Could Be Released to the Public This Week
  197. ‘We will prosecute’ employers who help immigration sweeps, California AG says
  198. Former DOJ Attorney Pleads Guilty To Obstruction Of Justice And Interstate Transportation Of Stolen
  199. Justice Department withholds majority of FBI texts
  200. Tragically, last night the earthly body of Robert Parry of Consortium News gave out.
  201. CDC Director Resigns Showing Conflict of Interest and Big Pharma Influence Still Reigns at the CDC
  202. White House Fingers John McCain As Media Leak; Believes U.S. Senator Eavesdropped on Trump’s Classi
  203. Important News - Whistleblower Flu Vaccine is Harmful to Your Immune System
  204. Feb 6th - It's Huge! UK decision regarding Julian Assange's fate will be made public
  205. FBI Informant Testifies: Moscow Routed Millions To Clinton Foundation In "Russian Uranium Dominance
  206. Palestinian 17 year old faces long jail sentence for slapping Israeli soldier
  207. BREAKING: Don’t Let The MAGA Hat Fool You, Hispanic Shooter “Nicolas de Jesus Cruz” Was A Registered
  208. Gates Pleads Guilty and this will let Tony Podesta off the hook?
  209. House GOP Ends Russia Probe; No Collusion Found; Democrats Scammed Public
  210. Missing Nobel Prize Winner Found Wandering an Illinois Rural Road in a Daze
  211. Florida Univ. Pedestrian Bridge Collapses
  212. Judge Rules Civil Disobedience a 'Necessity' to Prevent Climate Change
  213. UNSC Rejects Russia's Resolution to Stop Aggression Against Syria
  214. Ex-Pink Floyd singer denounces White Helmets as propaganda tool during Barcelona concert (VIDEO)
  215. Syrian air defenses respond to missiles over Homs province – state media (Israel suspected)
  216. Real targets of US-led strike were Syrian airfields, not research centers – MoD
  217. Israel Won't Accept Limitations on Actions in Syria, from Russia, Others --Defense Minister
  218. Maine's Top Court Clears Way for Ranked Choice Voting in June
  219. UN Security Council Emergency Meeting on Gaza
  220. Robot submarine finds 17 Billions Dollars s worth of treasure
  221. Northeast Fresno Church no longer polling place after complaints over "BLACK LIVES MATTER" sign
  222. fake Russian interference is real
  223. MCClatchy and NOW start to burn Sanders down for the shot callers
  224. Sanders will announce on Monday.
  225. REAL foreign interference in domestic elections revealed