That's my favorite line from the musical "A Little Night Music" by Stephen Sondheim.

We are all waiting for the next shoe to drop.

It will probably be a poorly manufactured import, a cheap knock-off of the famous Watergate line of fashion. Nothing about Russiagate is real, important, or authentic. But our political economy is so degraded by the past 8 years of Obama and Clinton and cohorts that we are mired in a garbage dump on top of a swamp. That's what comes of offshoring. Quality control goes out the window. Profiteering degrades the product.

In this time of drek and and despair, it helps to remember that Donald Trump is the most authentic American President we've elected in a long, long time. NO, I am serious, folks! For all that they are trying to paint him as a Kremlin stooge, or a big banker's cat's paw, it isn't sticking. And the lack of adhesion is not because Trump is covered in MSM and GOP and CIA teflon, the way St. Ronnie of Reagan was.

It is because Trump is more American than Obama ever was. The contrast between the two is clearer every day. The veneer that Obama applied to his extraordinary, expatriate life was a skillfully-applied, well-cured lacquer, but it's been badly chipped by events and by the company he keeps.

Obama's been keeping a low profile within the country and only bird-dogging Trump abroad. I love seeing the Great One unbalanced, unsure, and unmoored. He's waiting, too, waiting for orders. I hope they never come. Or perhaps he's waiting for indictments. I think we all are.

Trump is our national mirror. He shows us and people abroad a lot about who we are as a people and a nation. He also reveals the would-be Masters of the Universe lurking in the shadows. I don't think those pretenders will ever get to be masters, not now, not ever. They have a busted flush. The Queen didn't turn up in the draw. That's because the Deep State/Obama division was playing chess, not poker.

It was time for a New Deal anyway. Let's make the most of it! As James T. Kirk pointed out to his first officer, in the Corbomite Maneuver:

  • KIRK: There must be something to do, something I've overlooked.
  • SPOCK: In chess, when one is outmatched, the game is over. Checkmate.
  • KIRK: Is that your best recommendation?
  • SPOCK: I'm s, I regret that I can find no other logical alternative.
  • ...
  • Kirk : Not chess, Mister Spock, poker. Do you know the game?
  • ...
  • Spock : "A very interesting game, this poker."
  • Kirk : "It does have advantages over chess."

And that, dear friends, shows how quintessentially American the original Star Trek was!

And poker as we play it is a quintessentially American frontier game. Obama had a reputation as a wizard poker player. This report was eventually debunked, as were most other things he said...he stinks at chess, too.