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    US 'completely & unlawfully seize' Russian SF consulate as blacksmith breaks lock

    Published time: 2 Oct, 2017 19:27

    A blacksmith has broken a lock as the police guarded Russian consular residence in San Francisco under the cover of a tarp. The Russian Foreign Ministry said Washington has failed to "give up on its unlawful intents" and reserves its right to respond.

    A "Pop-A-Lock" van could be seen parked near the entrance to the Russian consular residence in San Francisco Monday, with a blacksmith in casual clothes having dealt with a lock at the residence.

    Covered by a large piece of tarp, the blacksmith entered the premises and proceeded to its entrance while the gate was guarded by police officers. In broad daylight, the tarpaulin was then moved to cover the doors of the consular residence, with the blacksmith having apparently worked on the lock under its cover.


    (Video at link)
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    Interesting bit of news that most people will never hear about as the media is now 24/7 Las Vegas massacre.

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