Trump, of whom initially Austin Fitts was hopeful would be a "Titanic turner" and pull us out of wars and also allow much less defense spending, made a serious mistake by putting Jeff Sessions in.

With Sessions in, Trump doesn't seem able to make America great, but instead has turned to "making Israel
great." And her analysis of the tremendous need for Trump to continually appease the war hawks means that he is keeping his Administration going by allowing for far too many earth destroying activities.

Also she addresses the stance off so many well meaning activists who have determined for all of us that the way to set the nation back on the road to prosperity is for a Constitutional Convention. She points out that if there is a huge hole in the milk bucket, shooting either or both the cow or the farmer won't create more milk.

In other words: We don't need to revise the US Constitution - we need to get angry and start seeing that the Constitution be friggin' followed. No point in reforming what is being ignored! Instead let's all of us start enforcing the nation's laws.