Russsiagate and the Collapse of Obamas War Against Syria

Glen Ford, BAR executive editor
14 Dec 2017

Russia-gate is the scream of a wounded U.S. empire a military colossus that can destroy the planet many times over but was defeated in its war of regime change in Syria, despite killing half a million people and displacing a third of its population. Barack Obama was packaged as a peace candidate, but his real objective was to reverse the humiliation of his predecessors forced withdrawal from Iraq and thus maintain the image and substance of U.S. primacy in the world. U.S. public opinion, however, would not tolerate another massive mobilization of American ground forces in the region. Instead, Obama and his secretary of state and would-be successor, Hillary Clinton, partnered with the monarchies of the Persian Gulf, the most backward regimes on the planet, to transform the various flavors of al Qaida into a pro-western foreign legion: foot solders of imperialism.

How could a U.S. administration align itself with the same forces that were blamed for 9/11?

The nature of the obscene alliance -- although impossible to fully conceal, and rooted in U.S. policy since Jimmy Carters presidency -- could not be spoken. Americans are conditioned to hate and fear all things Arab and Muslim (and, indeed, all peoples not sufficiently white). How could a U.S. administration align itself with the same forces that were blamed for 9/11? The same people that the CIA claimed had been harbored by Saddam Hussein? The same madmen that, we are told, want to kill Americans because they hate our freedoms? Thats way too much boggling for most American minds.

Three years later, it was Vladimir Putin who forced the U.S. to deploy its massive bombing power against the rogue Islamic State faction of al Qaida when the Russian leader denounced Washingtons double-game before the 2015 annual meeting of the United Nations general assembly. No one but [Syrian] President Assads forces and Kurdish militia are truly fighting the Islamic state and other terrorist organizations inside Syria, said Putin . The Islamic States profitable sale of captured Syrian oil to Turkey was conducted in broad daylight, immune to U.S. airpower. ISIS oil tankers traveled freely under open skies. The motorcade of refueling vehicles stretched for dozens of kilometers, so that from a height of 4,000 to 5,000 meters they stretch beyond the horizon [to Turkey], said the Russian president, who called for creation of a genuinely broad international coalition to bring to defeat the jihadist terrorists and bring peace to Syria.

Russia-gate was invented, almost out of whole cloth, in near panic and without benefit of evidence, to create the political climate to sustain the military offensive begun by Obama back in 2011. Having lost their jihadist war option in Syria and Iraq -- and with less soft power by the day -- U.S. imperialism feels it must now more aggressively deploy its strategic/nuclear throw-weight and its powers of economic strangulation, or lose the ability to dictate global affairs. The U.S. public must be made to see the threat to U.S. global supremacy as existential -- as do the imperialists. Thus, the Russians have invaded our democracy; their interventions in U.S. internal affairs amount to a Pearl Harbor; or, as Morgan Freeman, the God-poser, intones, We have been attacked. We are at war.

It follows that anybody that says differently should be silenced or locked up.

Russia-gate, the howling disinformation machine, is a lie born of many lies -- most immediately, the criminal U.S. partnership with al Qaida in Libya and Syria, perhaps the biggest lie and mass media cover-up of the 21st century: the Mother of all Fake News.

These are merely snippets of a very readable and informative article. Read it all here: It explains so much.

At last someone is talking about what really happened between the U.S. and Russia in the Middle East. Finally I have a better understanding of what is going on globally and what some of the goals of the neocon Deep State were. As an American, I do not mind at all that we "lost' this hideous struggle because, like most Americans, I never consented to it in the first place.

Much gratitude to Glen Ford of the Black Agenda Report for making it so clear.