Both The Intercept and The Black Agenda Report have had articles relating to the upheaval in Honduras over the recent election there. Police in the Honduras who have been trained in the brutal techniques utilized by the School of the Americas have caused bloodshed in the streets.

The President of Honduras Is Deploying U.S.-Trained Forces Against Election Protesters

from the article:

Initial results showed Salvador Nasralla, an ex-sportscaster chosen by an alliance of left-wing political parties as their candidate, leading the vote count after the November 26 presidential election. The lead was substantial enough that a magistrate on the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, or TSE, estimated victory by Nasralla, characterizing his lead as “irreversible.”

The next day the TSE announced that Hernández was closing the gap. Then it suddenly stopped publicizing the tally, alleging that its electronic system went down, prompting criticism from European Union election observers. Police and military flooded the streets in the hours of silence that followed. On Wednesday, the announcement that Hernández had overtaken Nasralla in the vote count was met with disbelief. In the words of Salvadoran journalist Carlos Dada, “There are only two possibilities: Either the TSE is of Olympic incompetence or it’s committing fraud.”

The turn of events led to chaos on the streets, and Hernández instituted a military-imposed curfew across the nation on Friday. At least one protester has been killed and scores of others have been injured and arrested in violent clashes with police.

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From the article:

The United States endorsed the results of Honduras’ presidential election, despite calls by the Organization of American States for a new vote.

“The policy of the Honduran military is to kill young activists in front of other young activists to discourage them from resisting,” said Ciara Taylor, a U.S. activist in solidarity with Honduras. The Obama administration backed a military coup in Honduras in 2009. “The U.S. is losing a lot of credibility in the world,” said Taylor. “People are resisting imperialism, colonialism and occupation.”

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