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    Soros & the 400k Question: What constitutes foreign interference in democracy?

    Wiktor Dabkowski / Global Look Press

    You’d have to have a real sense of humor failure not to laugh. The news that US billionaire Soros donated 400k to an anti-Brexit group came on the day that YouTube said they found no evidence of Russian interference in Brexit. Repeat After Me (with robotic arm movements): “Unproven Russian involvement in Brexit – terrible! Impose more sanctions on Moscow! A 400k check from an American billionaire for an anti-Brexit campaigning group – that’s no problem; it’s helping our democracy!”

    You don’t have to own a brand new 999 state-of-the art Hypocrisy Detector from Harrods, to pick up on the double standards. Just having a few functioning brain cells and thinking for yourself will do. For months in the UK we’ve been bombarded with Establishment-approved conspiracy theories – peddled in all the ’best’ newspapers – that Russia somehow ‘fixed’ Brexit. Getting Britain to leave the EU was all part of a cunning plot by Vladimir Putin, aka Dr. Evil, to weaken Europe and the ‘free world.’

    Even West End musical composer Andrew Lloyd-Webber, who knows quite a bit about phantoms, seemed taken in by it. “By quitting Europe, I fear that we are hastening Putin’s dream of the break-up of the EU – and with it, potentially, western civilisation,” the noble Lord declared in July.

    Never mind that we don’t have a single statement from Putin or other senior Kremlin figures saying that they actually supported Brexit. These Establishment Russia-bashers know exactly what The Vlad is thinking.

    And never mind that RT and Sputnik, which we are repeatedly told are “propaganda arms of the Russian government,” ran articles by pro- and anti-Brexit writers. The same people who told us Iraq had WMDs in 2003 were absolutely sure it was those dastardly Russkies who had got Britain to vote ‘leave.’ The irony is of course that there was significant foreign interference in Brexit. But it didn’t come from Moscow.

    The left is often not correct, the right is often not right, and we the people are often wronged.

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    And it should also be pointed out that somebody ensured that there were a half million vagina hats, manufactured and distributed nation wide for the "Resistance" followers to wear on the very first weekend of the marches.

    I had protested for years during the lengthy Vietnam war, and even though I often donated ten bucks when someone passed the hat, the most I got was a small button reading: "War is not healthy for children and other living beings."

    So who came up with the money for all the hats? They didn't just drop off a vagina hat tree...

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    The more I learn, the less hope I have that these global machinations can be thwarted and ended and future ones prevented...when you've several $$billion to play with, it's just a big game of crushing lives, futures, and stealing from the poor.

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