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    Dick Morris: Why the Clintons Paid McCabe's Wife to Run for the Senate

    A couple of points on this presentation - There are multiple to countless issues where I don't agree with Dick Morris - i.e., favoring Trump's policies on the Iran, immigration, gun control for starters and likely his positions on climate change and other environmental policies. But Morris is one of the few journalists/policy analysts covering the Clinton corruption/crime syndicate. If the FBI overlooked the Clinton's on the email server transgressions, what else did they fail to investigate - Seth Rich? the Awan brothers, the list is endless. Anyway, Morris covers this initial pay to play set up through Terry McAuliffe and I totally agree with him on this. What else was McCabe covering up?

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    I think you are smart enough that if you were exposed to the correct thoughts and exposes of how fraudulent the liberal view of Climate Change happens to be, then you might adapt your views on it. This is not to say that you would then agree with the Elites of both parties as they continue to allow for fracking, drilling, water table destruction or any of the other environmental issues that the Big R and Big D people legalize. (I mean, Ed Rendell and Jerry Brown are no better than Trump on the "Frack Baby Frack" frontier - except the latter two wear those environmental buttons and come out and celebrate Earth Day with the rank and file. They would do that even as they conduct the back room deals with Big Energy take place. Well, Rendell is gone from the Governor's Mansion in PA. Now he is safely and profitably ensconced in an exec position for the same Big Energy firm for which he destroyed PA's aquifers. While Jerry has to Jan 2019 to figure out which firm he will "consult" for.)

    I am looking forward to hearing Morris take on things. Thank you for posting this.

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