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    Russian VE Day Parade: Political/Historical Entertainment - Worth Watching

    As a long-term Russian/Soviet professional analyst, the October Revolution/VE (Great Patriotic War) Day parades were legendary because they provided physical evidence (through photographic stills) of what the Russians/Soviets had. This does that and more with imho entertainment value of the pageantry.....Soldiers (some getting up there in age) marching a vigorous goose-step as well as other types of ceremonial marches - all of which are very athletic. The militaries are organized into many more discreet specialties than their US counter-parts with respective uniforms to identify same. The women in particular who now have their own academy are an example: black boots, white skirts, navy tunics with belt, and hats similar to those worn by US military women, especially US Navy. The music - keeps up the vigorous pace - all of which is marshal music....with one Russian folk-song recognized by many 'Katysha'.

    Vladimir Putin reviews the troops and is accompanied by Benjamin Netanyahu and also the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic (recognizable with Putin because of his height 6'6" and glasses)....Serbia though a member of the European Union refuses to follow with US sanctions on Russia. When Putin, not really that tall, reviews the troops one can appreciate soldier athleticism vis a vis size.

    Much to appreciate in this event - well worth the two hours it takes to watch. The magnitude of the participation (30,000 troops) demands that the initial review of troops is accomplished by reviewer's ride in an automobile and continues through the parades execution at quite a vigorous tempo. Conclusion of parade with (conventional - strategic) armored vehicles, armaments and aircraft. Ceremony concludes with Vladimir Putin, Netanyahu and Vucic laying flowers at tombs of unknown soldiers.

    Fireworks with (almost) life fire artillery!

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