The question mark is a joke, of course. For those decrepit enough to have experienced the dismantling of openly liberal minded discussion on the internet,
you might recall the sudden dismantling of Media Whores Online-
which was a wildly successful piece of the web at a time where folks were making their fortunes there.
What would it take for anyone to walk away from an extremely prominent and successful undertaking that served to illustrate the chicanery of
corporate media tools?

Serious threats presumably, or perhaps a very attractive carrot.

While functioning, it was gladly associated with other liberal websites busy absorbing the anguish and frustrations of primarily US citizens gobstruck by
the bold election theft of 2000 and the nightmarish rollout of the next phase of our National Security State.

Losing the insight and message board discussions of MWO sent participants scattering to ratholes such as Daily Kos and "Democratic Underground" where similar discussions
and anger could be found spilling forth.
Over the following years posters at DU were treated to banishment for various infractions and offenses, frequently banishing large numbers for resisting the popular stances of politicians in regards to gay rights, military war crimes and other disgraceful behaviors that made the site owners uncomfortable.
Of course the ownership and relationships of these sites are well understood, as is the sheer hypocrisy of their sobriquet.
Seemingly in response to these souring developments, other message boards took root, one of the more interesting was known as Progressive Independent, which suffered a rather curious
and ignominious demise under the assault of presumably faux Marxist radicals. Judging by the execution of this final disruption, a reasonable guess might place responsibility in the hands of actors from another country. It seems quite likely that contracting disruptive efforts to outside vendors would be the safest way to avoid legal complications.
Even, and maybe especially so, if the United States military/Intelligence complex was involved.

I bring this up only to see if any living souls out there have similar takes on what has occurred in maintaining a conservative outlook online in self described liberal outposts.
The substantial participation of military members on DU shows a very cohesive intention towards protecting interventionism and pillorying those who offer real dissent and those who make genuine disclosures, ie Assange, Snowden and just about anyone who harms the snow white reputation of US foreign policy.

I think it is pretty obvious what has happened over the last fifteen years, and I am disgusted by those who have carried out this program in public.