the inane implacability of PR flak hardline defenders of the way things are and equally relentless vetters of upstart liberals
who would challenge accepted wisdom seems to come down to perpetual pretense in regards to the Elephant and Donkey show in the living room.
That is the job. Pretend to pretend. Buggers description.

Because to acknowledge even the most clear cut corruption might break the magical spell or put a chink in the wall. of pretense.
those mobbed up money making mechanisms collecting our cash daily have no intention of ever slowing down or slaking.
The cost of doing business becomes another source of profit.
trolls are cheap whores, a tax deduction for some mobbed up power brokering interests laundering their assets off,
deceptive being kind, these are those who enjoy choosing our candidates for us.
and they pay people to say it tasted good,

people being kind.