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    Dems want Hillary Clinton to leave spotlight

    Gee, I wonder why lol. Please Hillary. Don't leave. Keep on hogging the spotlight. Only that and your 2020 Presidential run are guaranteed to kill your corrupt party so the people can get on with the people's business. Please keep on talking! Besides, it's very entertaining; it's like the train-wreck that never ends.

    By Amie Parnes - 06/04/17 10:30 AM EDT

    Democrats say they’d like Hillary Clinton to take a cue from former President Obama and step out of the spotlight.

    They say her string of remarks explaining her stunning loss in November coupled with the public remarks blaming the Democratic National Committee for the defeat — which many took as also critical of Obama — are hurting the party and making the 2016 candidate look bitter.

    The Hill interviewed more a dozen Democrats about Clinton’s remarks, including many staunch Clinton supporters and former aides.

    They said they understood the need for Clinton to explain what happened in the election, and many also empathized with Clinton’s anger over former FBI Director James Comey’s handling of a probe into her private email server.

    But they also unanimously said Clinton needs to rethink her public blaming tour.

    “Good God, what is she doing?” one longtime aide wondered after watching Clinton at the Recode conference in California on Wednesday. “She's apparently still really, really angry. I mean, we all are. The election was stolen from her, and that's how she feels.

    “But to go out there publicly again and again and talk about it? And then blame the DNC?” the aide wondered. "It's not helpful to Democrats. It's not helpful to the country, and I don't think it's helpful to her.”

    Former Obama aides are among those scratching their heads over Clinton’s strategy.

    At the Recode conference, she said she had inherited nothing from a “bankrupt” Democratic Party led by Obama for eight years.

    You can easily get agreement between a pig and a cow that wolves are bad, but they can easily fall into the trap where the pig says
    wolves should eat more beef, while the cow recommends a diet of pork.

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    Democrats say they’d like Hillary Clinton to take a cue from former President Obama and step out of the spotlight.
    Unfortunately he stepped from the spotlight into the shadows. He should go away also.

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