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    You Want War? Russia is Ready for War - By Pepe Escobar

    You Want War? Russia is Ready for War
    By Pepe Escobar

    Nobody needs to read Zbigniew "Grand Chessboard" Brzezinski's 1997 opus to know US foreign policy revolves around one single overarching theme: prevent -- by all means necessary -- the emergence of a power, or powers, capable of constraining Washington's unilateral swagger, not only in Eurasia but across the world.

    The Pentagon carries the same message embedded in newspeak: the Full Spectrum Dominance doctrine.

    Syria is leading all these assumptions to collapse like a house of cards. So no wonder in a Beltway under no visible chain of command -- the Obama administration barely qualifies as lame duck -- angst is the norm.

    The Pentagon is now engaged in a Vietnam-style escalation of boots on the ground across "Syraq." Fifty commandos are already in northern Syria "advising" the YPG Syrian Kurds as well as a few "moderate" Sunnis. Translation: telling them what Washington wants them to do. The official White House spin is that these commandos "support local forces" (Obama's words) in cutting off supply lines leading to the fake "Caliphate" capital, Raqqa.

    Another 200 Special Forces sent to Iraq will soon follow, allegedly to "engage in direct combat" against the leadership of ISIS/ISIL/Daesh, which is now ensconced in Mosul.

    These developments, billed as "efforts" to "partially re-engage in Iraq and Syria" are leading US Think Tankland to pen hilarious reports in search of "the perfect balance between wide-scale invasion and complete disengagement" -- when everyone knows Washington will never disengage from the Middle East's strategic oil wealth.

    All these American boots on the ground in theory should be coordinating, soon, with a new, spectacularly surrealist 34-country "Islamic" coalition (Iran was not invited), set up to fight ISIS/ISIL/Daesh by no less than the ideological matrix of all strands of Salafi-jihadism: Wahhabi Saudi Arabia.


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    And one huge problem is that most Americans know nothing about war. Except for three wars that all became mere history after 1865, and a few small pockets of places where the Japanese hit us in the 1940's, our thoughts about war are formed by the fact that we have not experienced it.

    When American citizens think of war, they think of the pleasurable lights and explosions that emanate from their GameBoy or Play stations. We don't think of our towns and cities being perpetual rubble as its aftermath. We don't consider food rationing and perhaps it disappearing altogether, nor do we consider one third of our fellow citizens perishing. The war veterans among us have either adjusted well to civilian life, and don't care to alert us to what really happens in war. Or those who have not made the adjustment back to being normal citizens may be too shell shocked to offer up much wisdom.

    Donald Trump has been one of the few hopes that our nation has had with regards to moving away from the Full Spectrum Dominance doctrine that basically states all is well if and only if we engage with other Super Powers on the world's chess board as adversaries. And for this he is treated by the media as a "Communist Spy who uses Russian Back Channels" or worse. Trump is treated like this even though the Soviet Union is dead, and Russia is more of a democracy in many ways than this nation is. After all, their middle class is growing by leaps and bounds, while our middle class is fading away. And no democracy survives when its middle class becomes extinct.
    it would be great if our media actually bolstered Trump's attempts to normalize relations with Russia. But again, so many people don't understand what has happened recently in this country. That we have been taken over by the Deep State forces that do not care about our nation's survival, as long as their war profiteering and Big Banking abilities remain intact for the short term.

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    Thanks Crone and CNW. I missed the NBC special interview with Putin, but a friend of mine asked me if I now I will believe that Russia hacked the election since Putin admitted it to Megyn Kelly? I was flummoxed! I guess people will hear whatever they want to hear and believe whatever they want to believe!

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