This is from one of our local papers, it seems that our County Legislator has been arrested.

County Legislator Carrie Solagés, a Democrat from Elmont, was arrested after a domestic dispute with his girlfriend on June 21.

The charges include assault third-degree and endandering the welfare of a child.

Lt. Richard LeBrun said that it was “a verbal altercation that escalated to a physical altercation.”

According to police, Solagés and his girlfriend argued inside her Valley Stream apartment. Lebrun said that Solagés made “several verbal threats” against the woman, who police declined to identify. Police said that he grabbed her by the left forearm and neck.

The woman’s 15-year-old daughter woke up and tried to intercede, police said. Solagés threw trash around the kitchen, police said. The woman called police at 12:45 a.m. The police in the area responded and Solagés was arrested a short time after he left the apartment.
And not only are the Republicans calling for him to resign his position, but also other Democrats.

Both Lauren Curran, a Democratic candidate for county executive, and Jacks Martins, the Republican nominee, have issued statements calling for Solagés to resign.

"I am extremely disappointed and troubled by the accusations against Legislator Carrie Solagés," said Curran, who is also a county legislator. "If these allegations are even vaguely true, he needs to resign immediately.Elected officials need to be held to the highest standards and must be held accountable for their actions."

"Legislator Solagés must step down immediately," Martins said. "there is zero tolerance in society for domestic violence, and there is no place in public office for anyone who would raise their hand to a woman."
What makes this even worse is that he was one of the new 'rising stars' in our community. It's not only his name that he's tarnished but also that of his sister, Michelle Solagés who is also involved in local politics around here, so I don't know if her brothers actions will impact her political career either. Once Carrie won his race the next year I saw that his sister was running for New York State Assemble and she had won the election and she represents the 22nd district in the New York State Assembly.

And I just want to say that what he did wasn't right. There is no situation that you can't just walk away from, there is never a reason why someone needs to grab or touch someone against their will.