Adam Garrie
21 mins ago

The man made famine in Yemen is a humanitarian disaster.

The United Nations has warned that by summer’s end, if the Saudi blockade of Yemen continues, the resulting man-made famine could put 300,000 Yemeni people at risk of cholera. This was conveyed in a statement by Meritxell Relano of the United Nations’ Children’s Agency.


09:54 GMT
Yemen cholera cases could pass 300,000 by September - UN

A cholera outbreak raging in war-ravaged Yemen could infect more than 300,000 people by the end of August, up from nearly 193,000 cases today, the UN said Friday. “Probably at the end of August we will reach 300,000” cases, UN children’s agency spokeswoman Meritxell Relano said in Geneva. Since the outbreak was declared in April, 1,265 people have died, she said. (AFP)

oh how cute and healthy the new Saudi Boy King who engineered these horrors against Yemen