Once Again, Saudi Funding for Foreign Terrorism May be Hidden from Public

Proof of Saudi Arabia’s consistent support of global terrorism may never see the light of day, as Western leaders scramble to keep favor with the free-spending kingdom.

The results of a UK investigation, begun in part as a deal to gain the support of the Liberal Democratic party in extending British military operations against Daesh in Syria in December 2015, may never be released for fear of offending Saudi Arabia — this even though the Middle Eastern kingdom has been consistently implicated in supporting terror attacks on foreign soil.

An inquiry commissioned by former UK Prime Minister David Cameron to follow cash outlays provided to violent extremist groups by entities within Saudi Arabia is now the subject of a heated exchange in the British parliament, as lawmakers seek assurances that the shocking results will not be hidden from public view.

Liberal Democrat foreign affairs spokesman Tom Brake wrote recently to current UK Prime Minister Theresa May requesting that she affirm that the Saudi terror funding investigation will continue, the Guardian reports.

Brake’s letter comes in response to the assertion of the UK Home Office extremism analysis unit — directed 18 months ago by the prime minister’s office to document foreign funding of extremist groups in England — that the results of the investigation are not complete, and may never be released as they are “very sensitive,” according to The Guardian.

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Theresa May is refusing to publish a report into how terrorism in the UK is funded

LONDON — Prime Minister Theresa May has been keeping an official report into the funding of terrorism in the UK secret since last year, according to a report in the Guardian.

The report — which the Conservative government led by David Cameron agreed as part of a deal with the Liberal Democrats in 2015 — was finished last year but May has up to now refused to make its findings public, the Guardian said.

Green Party co-leader Caroline Lucas says the delay in publishing the report could be due to its focus on Saudi Arabia and what it would mean for Britain's close political ties with the contentious Gulf state.

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