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The interview is simultaneously translated into English and extremely well too.
These highlights (copied from Telesur tweets) in NO way capture the essence of the interview. Hopefully someone will write a transcript.

- discusses his health and what he's been up to since leaving the presidency

- The Citizen's Revolution is changing relations of power. Ecuador was dominated by a group of elites.

- Our army are the citizens and our weapons are the votes

- Economics abstracted from political power is useless.

- If you're on the left you suffer great hostility from the media.

- Our revolutions are profoundly democratic.

- Winning rights makes people happy -- it's the people that lose their privileges that are unhappy.

- We won on all levels -- the presidency, the assembly, and on the regional level.

- Corruption is not tolerated and it is being investigated. That comes from my government.

- There's a difference between a person who has a few grams of drugs for consumption and a narcotrafficker.

- Given the primitive politics of Trump, the region (Latin America) will unite and progressive governments will come to power.

- They do not want @LulapeloBrasi to be able to stand for the 2018 elections.

- They are going to do to @LulapeloBrasi what they are doing to me -- try and stop me with a case that has no grounds.

- Development is a political problem. Who's in charge -- the elite or the majority? Capital or the people?

- The immense majority of the media are not only profit seeking but they are also looking for political power.

- We need more public media and more space for community media.

- We must dialogue on the basis of principles and for the common good.

- We can't get comfortable with the revolutionary process or become bureaucratic. We must constantly renew ourselves.